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The Dyslexia Coach will help you unlock your potential

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Do you feel you’ve been held back through your experiences with dyslexia?
The Dyslexia Coach can help you both online & face to face...

Leave unwanted
struggles in the past

Strategies to make
learning easier

Set manageable and
achievable goals

Explore and exploit
your true strengths

Feel like you're being held back by dyslexia?

We don’t believe dyslexia is a problem,
a disability or disadvantage...

We see dyslexia as a strength, an advantage,
...we are pro-creatives!

We see dyslexia as a strength

Some of the techniques we use...

Dank Davis Technique

Danks Davis

Reading and spelling empowerment
(we’re the only Danks Davis trainer's
in the UK)

NLP Technique


To aid communication and

Art Therapy Technique

Art Therapy

To unlock creativity
and growth

Wilderness Therapy Technique

Wilderness Therapy

An optional outdoor boost to
conventional coaching

Some of the techniques we use...

At The Dyslexia Coach we understand that your dyslexia
is unique to you...

Our approach is practicing flexibility...
all sessions will be personalised
to you and your goals.

Here at The Dyslexia Coach an important part of the process is getting to know you, so when
personalising your coaching we make it the best experience for you.

We understand dyslexia

4 things The Dyslexia Coach can offer...

Personalised Dyslexia Plan

A personalised plan
to help you achieve
your goals

Understanding your strengths

An understanding
and focus on your
core strengths

Tailored Dyslexia Coaching

Tailored coaching
tools for the
challenges ahead

Improve your proccessing of information

Improved processing
of information

4 things The Dyslexia Coach can offer

Do you love being creative?

The majority of people with dyslexia seem to agree that creativity is one of our strengths!

It’s not uncommon that in our sessions we use creativity to explore your goals.

But don’t panic! This isn’t school: we believe in free expression where there is no right or wrong.

Do you love being creative?

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist” - Pablo Picasso.

Do you love being creative?

We would love to hear from you

Contact us now on
[email protected] or 07595452518.

Face to face coaching

Are you local to Shropshire? Great! Get the chance to have face to face coaching from our experienced coach. Click here for details of your coach.

Online coaching

Not local to Shropshire, but want to feel the benefits of dyslexia coaching? Great, we have the very thing for you… Online coaching is now available. This can be on the phone, video chat or even a simple email. For more details please contact me now!

We offer face to face coaching

Want to know what people think of us...

“The Dyslexia coach has helped me to see genuine strengths that the education system failed to acknowledge. Thank you.”

Want to know what people think of us

Meet the coach

I founded The Dyslexia Coach because I am passionate about helping people with dyslexia. I, myself have dyslexia and have experienced what it’s like to be unsupported by conventional education.

I travelled across the world to New Zealand, where I learnt Danks Davis, a method of empowering dyslexics in their abilitiy to read and spell. I am the only one to be practicing this method in the UK.

I have over 6 years of experience in coaching and training specifically as an NLP coach, art therapist and outdoor trainer. I have used these techniques especially for people with dyslexia.

In my spare time I am an active 'dyslexic poet'. (You’ll find some of my poems here)

Meet the coach
The Dyslexia Coach