Re-write Your Dyslexia Story


Everyone, no matter if you’re dyslexic or not, have moments where being positive seems completely out of the question. I have moments, even longer periods of time, where it seems impossible. As a dyslexic myself I can understand all the frustration and anger that can come with it.

“Dyslexia can really suck sometimes, I’m not going to deny that.  I am a dyslexia coach and I don’t see the point in being one of those people who sugar coats everything and force people to be positive.”

However, I do always like to encourage and give the space for the positives to be explored; because there are so many wonderful things about dyslexia and YOURS will be different to others. Celebrate that! 

Before I was tested for dyslexia at the age of 17, I went through the school system feeling isolated and ‘abnormal’. I was constantly in and out of the classroom for ‘interventions’ and being treated like a little baby. I remember wanting to scream at the top of my lungs “ I’M NOT STUPID!” because I wasn’t, and I wanted to just be amongst everyone else in the classroom. 

“Later on in my life I began to learn about my strengths as a person. I have a ‘gift’ for words: not despite of my dyslexia but because of my dyslexia.”

I’ve always love playing/experimenting with words, since I was really young and have written  many poems and short stories. Has dyslexia stopped me? Has people’s negative perception of dyslexia stopped me creating something I love doing? No way! Instead of fighting against the ‘principles of writing’,(that I know I will often forget), I ignore them and go to my own principles: what do I like? Does that sound right? Does it paint the picture I wanted? These are the questions I ask myself and not: is this grammatically correct, are the spellings correct etc. That’s an after thought and it’s a choice, always a choice. 

There’s always a choice on how you perceive your own dyslexia too, and how you see yourself in general and its okay to have moments where you cannot see any positives.

“For a long time I couldn’t see ANYTHING positive about myself, but I began to notice and I began to OWN who I was and how I did things. No boxes, no rules, just be you and you’ll notice those strengths you have as you go through your day.”

And as you do this you’ll find more strengths that you might’ve been ignoring, and even more will come from that! Wow. Look at that. Its just about starting the movement in the direction you want and then the momentum gathers and strengthens. 

3 Things to Try:

1.   Take time out for yourself to wind down and let your busy mind become quiet.  For myself I like to take a walk first thing in the morning or write. You could meditate, do yoga or just have a morning coffee on your own whilst the house is still quiet.

2.   Notice other people’s qualities that you really admire. If you notice someone else’s strengths, it normally means its because you recognise that same strength within yourself. ‘’Spot it, you got it’’

3.   Question yourself frequently. If you feel your thoughts are rattling up there with intensity, those thoughts can control your decisions and the way you see your life, your dyslexia. By asking yourself  things like ‘’is this actually true?’’ or ‘’is there a better way?’’ when the thoughts come up, will provoke you to puncture holes in them: especially negative thoughts. It may help you make better decisions for yourself. 

Sabine empowers dyslexics to read and spell through the Danks Davis method, NLP, art therapy and wilderness therapy. You can read more about her online and in person dyslexia coaching sessions HERE.


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