Keeping sane in lockdown

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In times like we are currently in, a state of limbo and high stress, things that once was important may seem trivial and small.

We are all in a state of suppression as the world lives in chaos and uncertainty, however this does not mean you should divert too far from what is still important to you; as they do not change even in times like these.

If to get through this uncertain time with our heads firmly set straight, focus is needed. Remembering that when it all goes back to a state of ‘normality’, we have the capacity and know-how to get on with life. It is easy to get used to a certain way of living after a time, and thus when the current way of life is reversed its best to come with focus, strength, and ability to adapt. Therefore, it is important to keep actively pursuing the things that are important to you as best as you can; not forgetting that this time is temporary, unlike your values and goals.

So, what were you focused on before this pandemic?

What were your goals? And how can you still work towards them or keep doing things that are important to you, even if it is a small way you can. It is better than sitting in front of the tv, day in and day out and loosing yourself whilst waiting this out.

The key is to try and keep a loose structure in your life so that time doesn’t run by and what have you done : sat on the couch eat crisps and chocolate day after day ( I have done my fair share of that recently).

Follow your compass even through the challenging times

As humans we need to have a sense of purpose or direction, to keep our minds challenged enough and our bodies active. We need this anyway, but more so now everything has been halted. A good way of achieving a loose structure is to begin with the goals, the things that you were working towards before or something maybe new that you’d like to try out, now that you have more time.

Now think of an average day and what that looks like, it’s not about achieving loads but just enough so that your content at least with how your day has been. Just like your average day was perhaps going to work, go to the gym and make your dinner, now make it current to this time. For example my current loose average day looks something like this:

4 hours a day on work related stuff (Articles, assignments, massage practice, study/research etc)

Daily walk of 20 mins at least

Mediation at least 10 mins a day

20 mins dedicated to creativity (baking, writing, drawing, painting etc)

As you can see mine is simple and nothing incredibly exciting, but it keeps pushing me forwards in the direction I want, and it is a loose structure. Now if I do anything more then that is a bonus and Its okay to mix it up time to time but this the basis of my daily structure. You can create one that suits you but remember keep it simple so that it is achievable, and you have a sense of forwards motion.  (If it helps you can write an exceptional day also, the ideal, most productive, exciting day ever and then scale it down to always have an element of that in your average day).

This time is not about being the most productive or try outlandish new things and use time overally wisely, nor is it about spending time moping around aimlessly.

It’s just getting that balance and making sure that you keep yourself happy and healthy so that when you return to life as it once was, you can get back to life easily and happily with perhaps a little more focus than before. 

You’re in control, you got this!

Keep safe, keep sane and keep yourself healthy inside and out,

Sabine x


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