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Are Dyslexia and Mental Health Linked?

The thought that dyslexia and mental health could be linked would never have crossed my mind if I wasn’t tested for dyslexia, or if I hadn’t gone down the NLP journey. But when I was tested, things began to click into place, and I began to recognise that I had mental health issues and have


Re-write Your Dyslexia Story

Everyone, no matter if you’re dyslexic or not, have moments where being positive seems completely out of the question. I have moments, even longer periods of time, where it seems impossible. As a dyslexic myself I can understand all the frustration and anger that can come with it. “Dyslexia can really suck sometimes, I’m not


Dyslexia: Is it a curse or blessing?

Dyslexia. What a word to spell if you’re dyslexic. Yes, this is one of the most commonly known elements of having dyslexia: the challenge of learning how or to recall spelling words. This challenge does vary from person to person and depend what stage of learning you’re at. What do I mean by this? I

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