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Keeping sane in lockdown

In times like we are currently in, a state of limbo and high stress, things that once was important may seem trivial and small. We are all in a state of suppression as the world lives in chaos and uncertainty, however this does not mean you should divert too far from what is still important


Are Dyslexia and Mental Health Linked?

The thought that dyslexia and mental health could be linked would never have crossed my mind if I wasn’t tested for dyslexia, or if I hadn’t gone down the NLP journey. But when I was tested, things began to click into place, and I began to recognise that I had mental health issues and have


Re-write Your Dyslexia Story

Everyone, no matter if you’re dyslexic or not, have moments where being positive seems completely out of the question. I have moments, even longer periods of time, where it seems impossible. As a dyslexic myself I can understand all the frustration and anger that can come with it. “Dyslexia can really suck sometimes, I’m not


Dyslexia: Is it a curse or blessing?

Dyslexia. What a word to spell if you’re dyslexic. Yes, this is one of the most commonly known elements of having dyslexia: the challenge of learning how or to recall spelling words. This challenge does vary from person to person and depend what stage of learning you’re at. What do I mean by this? I

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